Papa Piolo’s scion and heir makes his bid for stardom

Last Septembver 21 on “ASAP,” the big deal was the first public appearance and performance of “Papa” Piolo Pascual with his 17-year-old scion and heir, Iñigo. They did a duet together, and the good news is that young Iñigo was able to adequately keep up with his dad in terms of singing and “projection”—not an easy thing to do for a total newcomer!

Of course, Iñigo’s genes and psychic connection with his father had a lot to do with his good showing—and also bode well for his incipient show biz entry, which will be more formally highlighted and affirmed by his introductory role in the new teen flick “Relaks, It’s Just Pag-ibig.”

Candidly, Papa Piolo has shared that he really didn’t want his niño bonito to “go show biz” because he’s all too aware—and thus worries—of the pitfalls and “monsters” that are just lying in wait, raring to swallow up and assault clueless newcomers on the yellow brick road to stardom!

Piolo Pascual and Inigo Pascual
Piolo Pascual and Inigo Pascual

But, as Iñigo went from 16 to 17, it became clearer that he had a real yen and potential for stellar performance and success. So, “Papa” has finally taken a deep, paternal breath and given his all-important consent for his scion to pursue and attain his own show biz dream.

On Iñigo’s part, being Piolo’s son and obvious successor is both a blessing and a “curse.” On the plus side, it’s opening many doors and other newcomers must be green and even absolutely technicolor-livid with envy! Imagine, he’s still a relatively untested talent and yet he’s being given his first movie on a silver platter?

More expectations

On the other hand, being Piolo’s heir, a lot is expected of Iñigo, far more than other raw starlets; and if he doesn’t score a bull’s-eye with his first, few show biz appearances, many of the biz’s resident haters and debunkers will loudly bleat, “We told you so—all he has going for him is his so-called show biz lineage and that’s not good enough for a real, well-deserved, stellar career!”

That’s why it was a good thing that Iñigo passed muster as a tyro performer last Sept. 21 on “ASAP.” Aside from singing fairly well, he was able to communicate an appealing combination of “frisky and yet shy” traits and attributes that were just right for a 17-year-old like him.

In other words, he was a natural, secure enough to just be himself, no need for the usual starlet’s porma, siga and pushy determination to make a great first impression that are such a turn-off—on the big and small screens.
Of course, nobody’s perfect, so some negative traits are likely to reveal themselves in the coming weeks and months. But, the key point is, Iñigo lost no points and in fact gained some in his TV baptism of fire.

Part of that initial good impression resulted from Papa Piolo’s proud and beaming paternal presence and support. So, we’re looking forward to Iñigo’s first solo TV performance, to see if he can wing it alone with similar panache and success. That should happen real soon, or else, some people may end up cynically attributing Iñigo’s first, good impression to beginner’s luck!

By Nestor V. Torre | Philippine Daily InquirerOctober 12, 2014 | 12:45 pm
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